Cubs-Indians World Series Preview and Prediction


Over $2,000 dollars for a standing room ticket to Game 3 at Wrigley Field.  And that’s the cheapest ticket available.  That’s how serious the hype is for this World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians.  The hype is real.  Baseball is fun again.

The Cubs have an all-time rotation and Jon Lester is pitching better than ever right now.  Lester is 2-0 with a 0.86 ERA in the playoffs this season while Kyle Hendricks isn’t too far behind with a 1.65 ERA in three starts this postseason.  Hendricks should take home the NL Cy Young Award.  Chicago has the edge over the Indians here as Cleveland tries to just survive their starters to get to their world-beating bullpen.

Andrew Miller has the potential to be the World Series MVP and will have to pitch to that level if Cleveland wants to win the final game of the year.  Right now Miller is no joke.  A 0.00 ERA in 11.2 innings pitched these playoffs.  Indians’ “closer” Cody Allen also boasts a perfect 0.00 ERA in his 7.2 innings pitched and is five for five in save opportunities.


The Yankees also get to watch their other former reliever Aroldis Chapman pitch in the World Series for the Cubs.  Tough series to watch for both the Sox and the Yanks.

Offensively, the Indians are finding ways to put a couple runs on the board and then just leave it to their bullpen to close the game out.  Shortstop Francisco Lindor leads the Indians offense with a .323 postseason average and .924 postseason OPS and they have a pretty balanced line-up throughout despite the ugly postseason averages for many of their hitters.  Unfortunately for Cleveland, they will have to sit either Mike Napoli or Carlos Santana at games at Wrigley.

The Cubs had the best offense in the regular season with 4.99 runs per game and it’ll be interesting to see if Kyle Schwarber gets some time as DH to start the series.  Nonetheless, Anthony Rizzo is bound to come through with a handful of clutch hits for the Cubs this series.

108 years since the Cubs last won and “only” 70 years since the Indians last won a World Series.  One drought will come to an end in the next two weeks thanks to a little help from a guy who got his start in Boston.

I’m taking the Cubs in 5.

Chicago is getting screwed by the All-Star Game home field advantage nonsense, but in the end I don’t think it will matter.  If the Cubs were able to get on Clayton Kershaw early, they’ll be able to the same to the Indians pitchers and leave the incredible Cleveland bullpen utterly useless.

The Indians had a nice run through the AL this postseason, but let’s be honest, the National League is a lot stronger than the American League.  By a landslide.  I think that will become evident in this series and Cleveland’s flaws will start to be exposed.  And to top it all off Cleveland will leave this series as the team with the longest championship drought in the MLB.



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