Red Sox Stumble in Their First West Coast Trip

A lot has been made about the horrid schedule the Red Sox have been strapped with for the last two months of the regular season.  Well, its safe to say they failed their first test.

On Sunday, the Red Sox finished up their 11-game West Coast trip with an 8-5 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Another underwhelming performance from David Price and a handful of defensive errors left the Red Sox on the wrong side of .500 as they finished 5-6 on their Los Angeles to Seattle back to Los Angeles road trip.


Price looked uncomfortable as he worked through the Dodgers line-up and a fourth inning home run from Los Angeles third baseman Justin Turner and his untamed facial would all but ensure Price would have another let down of a performance as the Red Sox ace.  Boston lost all three games the $217 million ace started during the road trip.

Price said after the game:

“We haven’t been home in a while. We don’t have a lot of home games throughout the remainder of the season. Whenever we’re at home, we seem to play really well, and that’s what we look forward to on Tuesday.”

Sounds like Price is feeling a little homesick.  Not a great look for a guy you are paying $30 million to win games for your ball club.

The Red Sox averaged a shockingly low 3.5 runs per game and David Ortiz has clearly cooled off since the All-Star Beak.  The trip had some positive moments with Dustin Pedroia’s game-winning home run agains the Angels and Andrew Benintendi’s encouraging first few appearances in the major leagues.  Benintendi registered 13 at-bats and currently boasts a .385 AVG.

The Red Sox will use their six game homestand to re-group before they once again pack their bags and head for Logan to start a road trip that will bring them from Oakland to San Diego to Toronto.  The Jet Blue points will continue to pile up even if the runs do not.




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