Red Sox land Twins Reliever Fernando Abad at Trade Deadline


In a fairly uneventful trade deadline, the Red Sox made a small move in acquiring Fernando Abad from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for Pawtucket mainstay, Pat Light.

I am a huge fan of this trade after seeing how truly unreliable the Red Sox bullpen has been in recent weeks.  Entering the season we thought the Sox would be safe with Carson Smith, Koji Uehara, and Craig Kimbrel as the leaders i the bullpen with an assorted cast of characters filling in the wholes; however, injuries and general suckiness have steered the Red Sox in a different direction.

Abad has pitched well against the rival Baltimore Orioles this season and his best numbers come against left handed batters.  He currently holds a 2.65 ERA in 34.0 innings pitched (a whopping +160 ERA).

I would guess Abad would be given the eighth inning for the time-being as Brad Ziegler and Craig Kimbrel will split time as closer until Kimbrel is fully healthy and ready to pitch in a save situation in the ninth and in absolutely no other inning and under absolutely no other circumstance, ever.

All in all, Abad was a good get for Dombrowski who refused to sell off prospects for the pipe dream of having Chris Sale in a fully intact Red Sox uniform.


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