The Pomeranz and Peavy Trades Collide on the Barrel of Jose Iglesias’ Bat

I wasn’t paying attention to the action on the field at the time.  I was bemused by Snapchat stories and my half-finished Bud Light. And then all of a sudden a CRACK and a simultaneous exhale from the Fenway Faithful.  I looked up just in time to see the ball coast over the AAA sign that stands a top the Green Monster.

Former Red Sox prospect Jose Iglesias took newly acquired pitcher Drew Pomeranz deep to give the Detroit Tigers a 2-1 lead in the sixth inning.  Detroit would not surrender the lead as they defeated the Red Sox 4-2.

On my drive home from the game, somewhere between the Museum of Science and Wonderland in Revere, I began thinking about the trade that shipped Iglesias out of Boston and over to the Motor City.  It happened in 2013 as the Red Sox received starting pitcher Jake Peavy from the Chicago White Sox in the three-team trade.  Peavy helped bring the Sox a World Series title in that same year, but now Iglesias was getting his revenge on the team that traded him away.


As I continued the drive home, my thoughts drifted to the guy on the mound for the Red Sox on Monday night and the trade that Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski executed to put Pomeranz in a Red Sox uniform  just over a week ago.  It’s not all that different from that 2013 trade that brought Peavy to Boston.

The Sox traded away a prospect in Iglesias to get an arm to sure up their rotation in what would surely be a drama-filled September.  Its deja vu when looking at the Anderson Espinoza-Drew Pomeranz deal from this season.  OK maybe its not exactly deja vu.

Iglesias had played some significant innings for Boston at the time he was traded away and Jake Peavy wasn’t exactly an All-Star in 2013, but the “prospect for a back of the rotation pitcher” skeleton is still intact.

Although Iglesias still isn’t exactly Mark McGwire or Barry Bonds when it comes to hitting for power, he has been able to boost his slugging percentage and knock a few more homers since departing for Detroit.

The two trades crossed paths on Monday night at Fenway Park and Boston bore the brunt of the load as the only remenants of the Jake Peavy trade sit in Pawtucket with rapidly decling reliever Heath Hembree.  Although the journey is still long, I’m hoping we don’t see Anderson Espinoza no-hitting the Red Sox in July of 2020 as Pomeranz coaches Single-A ball in Montana.


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