Court Denies Brady Appeal and the Deflategate Roller Coaster is Nearing Conclusion

There it is.  An Adam Schefter tweet that will live in infamy as the United States federal court system slammed the door shut on Tom Brady’s appeal in the Deflategate fiasco.  At 9:42 AM on July 13th, 2016, the American public discovered that the U.S. Court of Appeals officially ruled in Roger Goodell’s favor.

The twists and turns of the Deflategate roller coaster have been countless, but it finally feels like the ride has slowed down and begun approaching the loading dock.  In the next few weeks, New England fans will undue their seatbelts, exit the ride, and complain about the time and energy they invested in waiting for a ride that left them in so much disappointment. A few might even get sick to their stomach.

The Supreme Court and Judge Ginsberg loom in the distance, but the distance is lengthy.  Very lengthy.

To the chagrin of New England fans, it seems as though all the effort in “Free Brady” will no be rewarded as it is all but set that the four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback will be starting next season on the sidelines.


I’m ready to get a real look at Jimmy Garappolo and see how important Brady is to the Patriots offensive system.  As Patriots fans, it will be our first glimpse (not including the Cassel year) at life after Brady.

And after the first four games, the Patriots will be visiting the lowly Cleveland Browns.  Get ready for a SHLACKING.


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