LeBron and the Cavaliers Defeat Golden State to Give Cleveland Its First Championship Since 1964

Cleveland got their championship and it was delivered by LeBron James.  It will go down as the block heard around the world as LeBron hunted down a layup from Andre Iguadala and  pinned it right against the backboard with 1:50 to play in the fourth quarter.  It was the stamp on Cleveland’s first championship since 1964.

In what was one of the most exhilarating basketball games in recent memory, the Golden State Warriors now join the (gulp) 18-1 Patriots in falling just short of topping off a potential historic season.  Steph Curry finished the game with a pedestrian 17 points and only three points in the drama-filled fourth quarter.  The unanimous MVP disappeared when his team needed him the most.  Draymond Green picked up the slack as he ended the game with 32 points, including a 22-point first half.  In Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Warriors were not the team we saw back in December-February.

Kevin Love made an appearance for the first time in the NBA Finals for the Cavaliers and played some crucial defense on Curry late in the fourth quarter.  Kyrie Irving hit the three-pointer that put the Cavaliers ahead and Golden State didn’t respond.

LeBron promised a championship to Cleveland and the 2016 Finals MVP delivered that title.


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