Cavaliers Take Game 6 Amidst Warriors Meltdown; Will Try To Make History in Game 7

The misery of Cleveland sports fans is well-documented.  From the Earnest Byner fumble in the 1987 AFC Championship game to drafting Johnny Manziel, Cleveland  sports fans always seem to get the short end of the stick.  The last major sports championship (sorry, I don’t count the Lake Erie Monsters) for the city was back in 1964.

So that brings me to my point. It takes a historic comeback to end a historic run of failure. The 2004 Boston Red Sox are the perfect example as they came back from down 0-3 to defeat the New York Yankees in the ALCS and eventually go on to end the 86-year World Series drought.

After their 115-101 victory in Game 6, we now see the Cavaliers, a franchise that has never won an NBA title, trying to become the first team to comeback from down 1-3 in an NBA Finals series.  Thirty-two teams have gone down 1-3 in the Finals and their record in that series is 0-32. And just like the ’04 Red Sox came back against the juggernaut Yankees with 26 World Series titles under their belt, the Cavaliers will try to achieve their feat against the Golden State Warriors, a team that won the most regular season games in the history of the NBA.


And who is the ’04 David Ortiz on the 2016 Cavaliers?  The answer should be obvious. LeBron James is absolutely dominating the Warriors right now. The Akron-native now has back-to-back games of 41 points as well as a game-high 11 assists in last night’s Game 6.

Kyrie Irving has found his stroke and after scoring 41 in Game 5, the Cavaliers point guard chipped in with 23 points in just over 39 minutes on the court in the Game 6 victory.

As for the Warriors? Well, things have definitely been better.

The Warriors are in panic mode right now.  Steph Curry’s mouthguard incident and the subsequent meltdown in Game 6 doesn’t bode well for Golden State who now looks to be poised as the team facing the uphill challenge in Game 7.  Even Steph’s wife, Ayesha Curry, is conjuring up the excuse machine in blaming the “rigged” NBA.


And then to make matters worse…

It was a great night and a weird night of basketball all wrapped into one.  This series has been great.  Game 1 feels like it happened six weeks ago.


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