Patriots Tight End and Emergency Offensive Lineman Mike Williams Out For Season

Minicamp injuries are the worst. I initially tweeted that I didn’t think Michael Williams would make the team with the addition of Martelleus Bennett and Clay Harbor in the offseason, but I think I’ve changed my mind.  Bill Belichick loves guys that can play more than one position. Players like Jamie Collins and Troy Brown come to mind.  But Williams was exactly that in an unconventional way.  Not many tight ends double as straight up offensive linemen, but Williams did that.  He played tight end in college at Alabama and then became an offensive tackle with the Detroit Lions.  When the Patriots became thin at offensive tackle midway through last season, Williams took a significant number of snaps on the line.

At 305 pounds, Williams is built like a lineman.  Offseason acquisition Clay Harbor will likely move up the depth chart to replace Williams, but Harbor, at 255 pounds and built more like a versatile fullback/tight end hybrid, will unlikely see snaps at right tackle next season.


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