Packers, Lions, and Chargers Engage in a Little Monday Night War of Wits on Twitter

Professional sports teams responding to one another on social media will never get old.  The Packers social media team gets this perfect picture of lighting over Lambeau Stadium (I can’t even imagine how many tries it took) and posts it on Twitter without thinking it’ll get much traction from anyone other than fans and maybe some media outlets, but then BAM (no pun intended), the Detroit Lions’ social media team highjacks the spotlight and steals the retweets.  The fun didn’t end there.  Just as the high fives and fist pounds finish up at the Lions’ facilities, the Chargers (in really what was a layup) come in and put both NFC North teams in a box.

The next move really needs to be the Tennessee Titans social media team getting Zeus involved in this war of wits.



Last note: It’s really too bad that none of the Boston team’s social media departments like to take part in the friendly banter.


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