Cavaliers Head Back to Cleveland with Their Tail Between Their Legs


It doesn’t take a brilliant basketball analyst to recognize that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in some serious trouble now down 0-2 to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

The Warriors are playing a sloppy brand of basketball right now and still winning games handily.  Steph Curry, the unanimous MVP, finished Game 1 with nine points and Game 2 with 18 points.  Klay Thompson finished Game 1 with 11 points and Game 2 with 17 points.  The Warriors won both of those games by a combined 48 points including a freaking THIRTY-THREE point blowout in Game 2.

The Cavaliers are now returning to Cleveland for Games 3 and 4 with their tail between their legs.


LeBron’s Supporting Cast Fails to Show Up For the Final Act

Kevin Love’s fall from grace is saddening to watch.  As he left Sunday night’s game with a head injury, its hard to believe that he was one of the most coveted free agents only two years ago.  The Cavaliers gave up Andrew Wiggins for a forward who put up a meaningless five points, is essentially incompetent on defense and pulled down a mere three rebounds in his 20 minutes on the court in Game 2.

In the backcourt, Kyrie Irving was supposed to be an explosively elusive point guard who perfectly complemented LeBron’s drive-and-smash style.  Instead Irving posted a -26 while on the floor in Game 2 and finished with 10 points on 5-14 shooting. So much for a “Big Three”

JR Smith chipped in where he could and Richard Jefferson, after apparently visiting the Fountain of Youth, finished with 12 points, but in the end LeBron had no help in a game where he desperately needed it.

“They just beat us,” LeBron said in his post-game press conference. “We didn’t win anything. At no point in the game did we win anything.”

Draymond Green Playing With the Swagger of An NBA Finals MVP

Draymond Green shot 5-8 from beyond the arc in Game 2 and ended the game with a game-high 28 points.

Green disappeared at the beginning of the Warriors’ last series against Oklahoma City.  Actually, no, he didn’t disappear.  If he disappeared the Warriors would’ve been better off.  Instead Green was the center of controversy after kicking Steven Adams in the cojones and then continued to be a defensive liability with the shooting skills of a high school bench player.

The polarizing forward then turned things around and is now on his way to being named Finals MVP (unless Steph Curry starts hitting three-pointers from the shadowed Cleveland skyline on Quicken Loans Arena court).

Cleveland’s motto and Twitter hashtag for the series is #ALLin216. Well, judging from the first two games, it looks like that slogan is merely a facade.


3 thoughts on “Cavaliers Head Back to Cleveland with Their Tail Between Their Legs

    1. As the team is currently playing, I don’t think they can even come close to winning a single game. It would take a LeBron James 40+ point performance and a role player to step up. Don’t see it happening.

      1. I sure hope they can conjure something! a sweep would not be a great result for fans.

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