Stars Beginning to Align for the Red Sox

I’m a firm believer in patterns.  Frankly, the world works in patterns.  The Gregorian calendar, man-made machines, tide charts…all patterns.  The stars are aligning for the Red Sox once again as the team cashes in on the treasures of Theo Epstein’s lavish farm system.

Jackie Bradley Jr. is amidst the longest hitting streak in the majors since Denard Span in 2013.  Xander Bogaerts, amidst a modest 18-game hitting streak himself, has become one of the most lethal hitters in the MLB and has even begun to develop the power that he lacked in past years with five home runs on the season so far.  Mookie Betts has snapped out of his early season funk and is now hitting a solid .277 with a .808 OPS and a league-leading 41 runs scored.  Travis Shaw has made Red Sox Nation and the Red Sox front office forget about the albatross of a contract they gave Pablo Sandoval.  And even Blake Swihart (two triples last night against the Rockies) and Christian Vazquez are making significant contributions at the big league level.

And all this is happening just in time for the final (and maybe even best) season of Big Papi’s career.

The stars are aligning for the Red Sox as they continue to shred through opposing pitching and average a league best 5.96 runs per game.  Let’s just hope their own starting rotation’s ERA (8th in the American League at a tidy 4.00) doesn’t darken the skies.


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