Comedian Jim Breuer Supposedly Met John Jastremski and the Story Kind of Stinks

Hot-headed comedian Jim Breuer supposedly met Patriots equipment manager John Jastremski at a hotel resort in Cancun, Mexico last November.  In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Breuer said that Jastremski approached him in the hotel’s fitness center and randomly asked the comedian what he thought about all the Deflategate stuff.  The man who approached Breuer then introduced himself as the guy in charge of the Patriots’ balls.

I don’t know what to think of this whole brouhaha.  It’s the first time in the lengthy Deflategate saga that we have been able to place one of the equipment managers into the timeline and hear his voice, but the story is coming from a psycho like Jim Breuer, a man who creates and exaggerates stories to make a living.


Breuer says Jastremski vented for over an hour and a half at the fitness center and eventually the two exchanged emails after Breuer met Jastremski’s wife.  The comedian described the two as a very distraught, young couple.  Jastremski then emailed Breuer later that evening to coordinate a dinner while at the resort.  No hard-hitting Deflategate questions from the comedian.

There were numerous holes in Breuer’s retelling of the encounter, but after being shown an updated picture of the equipment manager, Breuer confirmed that it was indeed Jastremski who he spoke with.  Breuer, who claims to have no “stake in the game” when it comes to Deflategate (even though he is a freaking Jets fan) and claims that he had no idea that it was a national story (Breuer clearly not a New York Times subscriber or Internet user), read the email he received from Jastremski on Toucher & Rich this morning.  Jastremski introduces himself as “the deflate guy” in the email.

I believe Breuer, but I just have a tough time trusting a story coming from the star of Half-Baked…



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