NFLPA and Tom Brady Take Penultimate Step in Deflategate

Great news and an important note. I got a B+ in Communication Law last semester so I have the expertise and authority to talk on the subject (probably).

Tom Brady and the NFLPA’s team of lawyers have filed for an “en banc” hearing which essentially means that they filed for another appeal in which more judges will hear their appeal rather than just the three judges that heard the case earlier this year and voted in the NFL and Roger Goodell’s favor.

DeMaurice Smith, the head of NFL Player’s Association, spoke this morning on ESPN on why the NFLPA and Brady decided to continue the lengthy Deflategate saga (approaching 500 days since the 2014 AFC Championship Game):

No more bullies! The panel of thirteen judges needs a majority to agree to hear the appeal and that decision should come in about a month.  If they decide not to hear the NFLPA’s appeal then the next and final step would be applying for “cert” and having the Supreme Court hear the case.  The same place where they decide on gun laws, abortion, and gay marriage.


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