National Anthem Controversy Before Sunday’s Dodgers-Padres Game

Another classic Internet moment.  The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus gets out there in short center field at Petco Park to sing the National Anthem before the Dodgers-Padres game.  After a prolonged silence, someone in the audio booth freaks out and just starts playing a recording of the Anthem.  The chorus then just stands out there and listens to the recording before departing.  The definition of second-hand embarrassment.

The Padres’ response to the whole snafu:

Three things here.  First of all, this is awkward no matter who is out there, but the fact that its the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus and its 2016 means that this is a controversial national news story instead of just a blog story.  Secondly, luckily this was a chorus of over 100 men, because if it were just one person out there the whole scenario would’ve been off-the-charts uncomfortable.  Lastly, I think this story can have a great ending.  I understand the Padres organization put out a statement and fired the employee responsible for the mix-up but we need positive action here.  The Padres should invite the chorus back, give an outstanding introduction (that obviously will include an apology) and then let them belt out the National Anthem.  Oh, and guess who is hosting the All-Star game this year? THE SAN DIEGO PADRES.  Seems like the perfect time to have the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus come back to Petco Park.  It will be a National Anthem story that could rival that of Whitney Houston at the 1990 Super Bowl.

Note: After writing this I did spend about half an hour just watching Super Bowl National Anthems.  YouTube is a powerful machine.


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