Hawks-Celtics Preview

I need to get this out before I go on: I will throw my television into the Charles River if the Boston Celtics let Paul Millsap score 25+ points per game in this series.

The Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics are two evenly matched teams with similar philosophies.  Neither team leans on a single superstar, but rather relies on scoring by committee and team defense.  It’s exactly what the NBA wants in a 4/5 seed match-up.

The Celtics have a deeper bench with the likes of Evan Turner and Kelly Olynyk, but the Hawks front court of Millsap and (future Celtic???) Al Horford can potentially dominate the series.  Jared Sullinger will have his hands full as he tries to keep up with Millsap on defense and keep my television out of the Charles River.


Last year’s Celtics were committed to making the playoffs and were petrified of tanking.  They lost their chance at Justice Winslow and instead came away with nothing more than “playoff experience.” Well, the bad news is that they ran into a team with significantly more playoff experience.

My objective opinion is that Horford and Millsap are just too dominant and will outplay Isaiah Thomas and Boston’s backcourt on their way to a series clinching victory in Game 7, BUT no one pays me to be objective so…

Celtics in 6.  Bring on LeBron.


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