Early NFL Free Agency Moves

Sorry for being all quiet on the Western Front for these past few weeks, but I thought the kickstart of football season with the free agent period beginning was a good time to jump back into the blogsphere with my thoughts on the early signings around the National Football League.

Matt Forte to the New York Jets

The first big name news that broke was former Bears running back Matt Forte heading to the J-E-T-S.  This one stung a little bit as a Patriots fan.  I anticipated seeing New England at least kick the tires on Forte and see if he could fit in with Dion Lewis, but I was left unsatisfied.

Chris Ivory moved on to Jacksonville and the Jets are still in talks with Bilal Powell to see if they can resign the fifth-year running back. And that’s where the Patriots come back in.  I’m hoping to see them make a run at Powell and use the Forte signing as leverage to scare the Jets off.  Powell is phenomenally versatile and I’d love to see the creative ways Belichick would use him in the Patriots offense.  Don’t give up on this one just yet.

Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans

This one surprised me as I really anticipated the Broncos settling on Brock Osweiler as the future quarterback in Denver.  Elway apparently has other plans.

I’m thinking Elway is going to look to the draft to grab a new quarterback.  Someone like Christian Hackenberg or Connor Cook would both be good picks for Denver as the Broncos don’t really need help anywhere else on their roster.

As for Osweiler, I like Houston as a landing spot for him.  He gets to compete in a crappy division with a terrific coach in Bill O’Brien (minus the play with JJ Watt in the backfield).  Even more so, I think Houston is on the cusp of making some real noise in the AFC playoff picture with a strong defense and an electrifying young receiver in DeAndre Hopkins.  Even more so, the Texans also signed Lamar Miller as their new starting running back.  Just hoping the Texans aren’t the Miami Dolphins from last year as the team that made a ton of noise in free agency and then fell straight off the map.

Olivier Vernon and Janoris Jenkins to the New York Giants

The Giants defense sucked last year.  No other way to put it and really its the only reason they didn’t make the playoffs.  So John Mara did what works best and just threw a bunch of money at a couple free agents for the quick fix.

At 35 years-old Eli Manning only has a few seasons left in the tank, so the Giants clearly want to try to make a last Super Bowl run before he retires.  The only way they could do that was sure up the gaping holes they had on defense.  Let’s just hope the Patriots don’t run into these guys again in the Super Bowl…

*Posting this at 5:45pm on March 9 so more moves likely to come in


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