I Love Truck Day

Despite whatever negative stigma that revolves around the Red Sox marketing department, Truck Day is exactly what New England sports fans needed today.  Last night was a forgettable night for Boston sports.

Fans watched the Bruins accept a 9-2 SPANKING at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings.  Turning from the ugly Bruins game over to the Celtics, fans then watched Milwaukee forward Greg Monroe chew up the Celtics post defense.  The Celtics responded with a furious 19-point comeback, but ultimately fell short after a (very) untimely foul from Avery Bradley with one second remaining gave the win to Milwaukee. Annnnnddd we all remember the last time we saw the Patriots…

But then, on the street behind Fenway that no one really knows the name of, a simple JetBlue sponsored mack truck brings thoughts of warm Spring weather, Fenway Franks, expensive beers, and David Price fastballs.

Yeah, I understand that Truck Day is tossed in the always growing “marketing tactic” bin that has come to define the Red Sox in the post 2004 Championship era, but I don’t care one bit. It’s the first Red Sox moment of the season and a reminder that baseball is only two months away.  BASEBALL IS TWO MONTHS AWAY.  Have a parade. Have a hot dog eating contest. Add a third mascot. Whatever the Red Sox want to do is fine with me because the flood of Truck Day tweets on my timeline today reminded me that baseball is coming and coming soon.  That’s all I needed.

While Dick Flavin’s aggressively rhyming poems are a little much, Truck Day is like an iPhone reminder that Spring Training baseball is only two weeks away and David Price will be taking the mound on Opening Day in exactly 54 days  That makes me happy.



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