Eagles Game

Patriots fans started saying it right as the talk of an undefeated season ramped up during the Patriots’ Week 8 victory over the Miami Dolphins on October 29th…

“Yeah, the Pats really have a shot at going undefeated this season, but you know they’re bound to drop one of those easy games late in the schedule.”

Everyone thought it would be the Jets or even Bill O’Brien’s Texans, but Patriots fans can now declare the 28-35 loss to the Eagles this past Sunday as “that easy game they should’ve won.”


Philadelphia’s 35 unanswered points proved to be too much for even a late comeback from New England as the Patriots dropped their second game in a row and fell to 10-2 on the season.

Considering the weapons he had, Brady played well with 317 yards and 2 TDs, but two big interceptions from the Patriots quarterback really set the team back.  Brady’s third quarter goaline interception to Malcolm Jenkins hurt the most as Jenkins picked off the pass, weaved his way across the field, and returned it 99-yards for an Eagles touchdown.  A 14-point swing that absolutely destroyed any semblance of momentum for the Patriots.

Eagles running back Kenjon Barner gave the Patriots life with a late 4th quarter fumble, but the comeback stalled for the Patriots after dropped passes from both Keyshawn Martin and Brandon Lafell.

Now to look ahead to next week’s game against Houston we must look back in time…


Back in 2006, the Patriots lost to Eric Mangini’s Jets 17-14 in their second meeting since the former New England defensive backs coach and defensive coordinator took the Jets job before the season.  Three years later in 2009, Belichick’s Patriots lost 20-17 in overtime to the Broncos in Belichick’s first meeting with Josh McDaniels after McDaniels took the job in Denver the previous spring.  Two former Patriots coaches who knew how to beat Belichick.

It is also important to mention that the juggernaut Patriots of 2007 Patriots demolished Romeo Crennel’s Cleveland Browns in the first Belichick-Crennel meeting, BUT that was whole two and a half seasons after Crennel left New England. The games against Mangini and McDaniels were both the season after each coach left New England.

This time Belichick gets to game plan against his former offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien, who is now coaching  former Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer.  The Patriots will also be up against a defense that is coached by the likes of Romeo Crennel and former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel.

And one last point…look who is also apparently good friends with Belichick!!


What does this all mean?  Maybe your best chance to beat Belichick is to be in his inner circle of friends/colleagues/ former coaches so you can really understand how his mind works.  If that’s the case then Belichick and the Patriots could be looking at a 10-3 record late Sunday night and early into Monday morning.  Also, having JJ Watt against an incompetent offensive line definitely helps the Texans out.


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