Red Sox Sign David Price

David Price is now the highest paid player in Red Sox history.  David Price is now the highest paid pitcher in MLB history.   David Price is the newest member of the Boston Red Sox.  It took John Henry and the Red Sox $217 million dollars over seven years, but they finally got their guy.


My Twitter feed was flooded last night with a combination of Red Sox fans praising Dombrowski for finally  bringing an ace to Boston and other fans complaining about the enormous contract as they compared it to those of high-priced pitchers of the past as well as botched Red Sox contracts of the past.  Even all the clever Tweeters out there got to breaking down the $217 million dollar contract in creative ways.

I like the signing.  Not only does the 2015 Cy Young runner-up boast a 3.09 career ERA, but also a sparkling 1.95 ERA at Fenway Park.  And that ERA at Fenway  comes as an OPPOSING pitcher.  I understand Red Sox fans can be harder on their own players than opposing players, but still if Price gets off to a hot start next year I think we could be looking at the 2016 Cy Young.


Two other points that need to be mentioned.  Price and Big Papi obviously haven’t been on the best terms these past few years and I think its going to be a rocky start; however, I don’t envision the situation becoming tumultuous for the Red Sox.  Deep down Price and Ortiz are both good-humored and light-hearted guys.  If it hadn’t been for a few misunderstandings in the past I think they would’ve already been friends before this signing.  One expensive steak dinner at Abe & Louie’s where the two superstars talk things over and I think old wounds will be healed.

Secondly, Price’s postseason struggles.  I obviously find Price’s postseason statistics a little troubling, but then I saw this tweet from The Sports Hub’s James Stewart:

What this tells me is that Price is inside his own head during his postseason starts.  He can clearly pitch in the high pressure situations, but when he starts hearing the words “postseason” and “playoffs” inside his head over and over again he begins overthinking everything.  One or two strong postseason starts and he’ll be fine, but more importantly, the Red Sox didn’t bring Price in for those postseason starts.  Dombrowski signed Price to get the team to the playoffs.


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