Peyton? You There?

I will no longer be accepting any arguments of Peyton Manning being a better quarterback than Tom Brady.  I don’t think any one will be after seeing the news that Manning has not travelled with the Broncos to Chicago for their game against the Bears.

In a week where the Patriots have the Monday night game, my lazy Sunday football watching agenda now has the Broncos-Bears 1:00 game locked at the top.


This should’ve been a game where Manning was gearing up to face his old coach (John Fox) and old offensive coordinator (Adam Gase). Instead it will be the first start of Brock Osweiler’s career as Manning and his 17 interceptions will be watching the game on an HD TV somewhere back in the Rocky Mountains.  Papa John’s will be served at halftime.

Clearly, the coaching changed hasn’t worked in Manning’s favor as he and Gary Kubiak are struggling to get on the same page.  Furthermore, Manning’s arm has given out on him as he just can’t get the same mustard on the ball like he did in the days of Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison.  It’s hard to believe that only two years ago Manning had the best regular season of any quarterback in history.


The Bears-Broncos game is interesting because it provides a fork in the road for Denver.  Who do they start next Sunday night against New England?

Three years ago we would spend hours sitting in a cramped freshman college dorm watching Sunday football and having endless Brady-Manning debates and arguments in which we compared Super Bowls, regular season games, intangibles, and whatever other crap we could conjure.  Now in 2015 we might have a Brady-Manning game in which Manning is wearing a headset on the sidelines.


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