Washington Game

You have to bear with me because I was feeling a little ill as I was watching the game, but this win seemed like just another notch in the Patriots belt.  Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe said it best when he noted that the only opponent that is going to derail the Patriots this season is The Gridiron Grim Reaper.  We saw two significant victims yesterday with Sebastian Volmer and Dion Lewis.


The injury to Lewis is something I think the Patriots will be able to overcome.  The severity of the injury has yet to be announced, but the Patriots still have a powerful running back in LeGarrette Blount and decent complimentary backs with Brandon Bolden and James White.  People forget that Bolden had one of his best career two years ago against the Broncos in the thrilling Patriots come back.

As for the offensive line, Bill needed to get creative.  He started substituting tight end Mike Williams in at tackle and bringing Gronkowski in on wham blocks during running plays. The best part about it was that Tom Brady continued to tear up the Redskins defense and the Patriots still had a decent running game.  What other team can do that besides the Patriots?

But let’s be honest, watching these games fearing every low hit on Gronkowski and every helmet-to-helmet on Edelman is a whole lot scarier than fearing the Giants, Broncos, or Jets.


Also, last point.  What the hell was I thinking picking the Redskins to win the NFC East?  That team looked awful yesterday.  I’ve never seen so many dropped passes.


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