Dolphins Game (Round 1)

I’ll say this first and foremost, I LOVE Thursday Night Football.  I know a lot of people get on NFL Network, the match ups and whatever else they hate about the product, but I like football games being spread out rather than all concentrated on Sunday.  Sometimes there are just too many 1:00pm games on Sundays that I can’t give some games the full attention they deserve.

As for Pats-Dolphins the other night: The game was over after the first drive when Gronk spiked the ball deep into the Gillette Stadium turf.  And the Dolphins were officially flattened after the Ryan Tannehill botched snap resulting in a safety.

That GIF summarizes the Dolphins in that game on Thursday night.  Dan Campbell and his team were stunned at how well the Patriots can game plan and just straight up out play, out coach, and out think every single team they play.  Campbell quickly realized he is better suited to be a college strength and conditioning coach than an NFL head coach.

Often on Felger & Mazz, as any listener knows, we get a TON of over confident Pats fans calling in, but Friday was a new level.  We spent hours talking about a Patriots undefeated season and I LOVED it.  After the Deflategate fiasco this summer, the pressure of a possible undefeated season is nothing for this Patriots team.  I can promise you New England fans, it will not be like 2007 (my 16-0 Patriots t-shirt is still at the back of my closet untouched since February 3rd, 2007).


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