World Series Preview


Who would’ve thought we’d be spending the last week of October watching the Mets and the Royals in the World Series.  It’s the terrific young Mets pitchers against the gritty Royals who continue to find ways to grind games out and win with timely hitting.

The best part about this series is that we’ll have a team and a fan base winning a championship for the first time since the mid-80’s, but here’s my slightly fact based, slightly emotional, and slightly random prediction for the series.

Bobby Cox, one of the best managers the game has ever seen, had this to say about the layoff the Mets have between the NLCS and the World Series:

“I think for the Mets, as good as they’re going, it won’t have much of an effect.  They have all of the young arms that they’re supposed to be watching.  This will give (the pitchers) a chance to perk back up a little bit. For the hitters, it might take them a day or two to get back to being ready to face real tough pitching.  The hitters would likely like to keep playing.”

This is key for the Mets who need every hit they can get in this series.  Will the layoff cool down the demigod Daniel Murphy? He has been key in the Mets run so far.

The Royals pushed a strong Giants team with Madison Bumgarner to seven games last year, so they are shown that they are capable of taking on top-level pitching in the playoffs.  After watching the Royals win the “Worst Timed Rain Delay” Game against the Blue Jays to clinch the AL, I think the Royals are winning the World Series this year.  It will all come down to whether Ned Yost can manage his pitching well.

Sorry to all my friends who are Mets fans, but on the bright side I was wrong about my two Championship League Series picks…


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