Jets Game (Round 1)

This is by far the most nervous I’ve been during a Patriots game so far this season.  Nervous to the point where we made the decision to order a Papa Gino’s GameDay Deal at halftime. The Patriots had ZERO running game to the point where Tom Brady was New England’s leading rusher with 15 yards and a classic Brady sneak for a TD.

Makes you wonder about how important Dion Lewis is to this team.  I know everyone wanted to make the “interchangeable parts” argument with Lewis and how he is just the next Jonas Gray, but maybe that’s not the case.  James White was a no-show after he struggled to establish his role as starting running back in the first quarter and then Blount had a few tough carries throughout the rest of the game.  But you want to know how the Patriots beat the Jets?  This:

It is absolutely mind-boggling how well Tom Brady is playing right now.  With receivers dropping passes left and right, Brady kept finding the hot receiver and kept the rhythm of the offense going when it seemed they were doomed to have an off game.  He is literally carrying the team like Gronk carried Marcus Gilchrist


Aside from Brady, the front seven also played phenomenally.  They shut down Chris Ivory and the dangerous Jets running game and batted down a a handful of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s passes.  My only complaint is that a few of those swatted passes should have been intercepted.

The makeshift offensive line held up decently well in the pass protection aside from a couple Brady pressures and the fumble that Brady miraculously recovered.  Pats take on the surging Dolphins on Thursday night when we get to see if Miami under their new coach is for real or not.


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