Indianapolis Game

The Colts tried to BE the Patriots! I could watch that video clip a million times and then a million times again after that.  The Internet exploded after that play and honestly Twitter was a wonderful place on Sunday night.  Given the circumstances I think that play might’ve been worse than the legendary Butt Fumble.  The Colts put up a fight, but at their core they are still a joke.


Not going to lie I was a little nervous during the first half of the game.  I had a few pop-out-of-my-seat-and-walk-around-the-room moments in that first quarter.  After that Brady “interception” off Edelman’s hands my nerves even got to the point where I spilt a good amount of Tostitos salsa and Shaws brand tortilla chips, the best chip product on the market, on our nice carpeted floor (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).  All in all, the game was not the shellacking we were expecting.

Instead, this kind of game is exactly what this Patriots team needed.  A little wake up call where everything didn’t go 100% according to plan.  The D-line needs to get more pressure on the quarterback and, again, the secondary needs to sure up some obvious holes.  Offensively, the loss of Nate Solder didn’t seem too apparent, but I don’t like seeing Marcus Cannon go down and force yet another rotation amongst the O-line.  You only have some many rotations and I don’t think the Pats can afford another injury on the O-line before they have to start grabbing guys off the practice squad and free agency.


At this point, I’m really hoping Matthew Slater’s injury isn’t too serious because he is the unsung hero of this team, the Tom Brady of the special teams.  Hopefully he’ll be on the field for opening kick off next week against the ole New York Jets.


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