ALCS and NLCS Preview

These have been the best non-Red Sox MLB playoffs I’ve ever watched and its not even really close.  There are some fun teams still in the playoffs with the young guns in Chicago Northside, the long flowing manes of the Mets pitchers, the angry Blue Jays, and the determined KC Royals.

If I wasn’t already sold, the game in Toronto this past Wednesday convinced me that we are going to be in for a ride these next few weeks.  Storylines that we haven’t even imagined will begin to emerge.



I loved the Royals last year.  More than anything I wanted them to win the World Series, but then Madison Bumgarner got in the way.  However, this year I am all aboard the Blue Jays train.  For so many years Toronto has been the joke of the AL East.  They used to come to Fenway and ticket prices would plummet.  All they had was Roy Halladay.

I still remember back in the summer of 2009 going up to Toronto for a Red Sox-Blue Jays series and just being amazed at how many Red Sox fans were there.  And now all of a sudden the Blue Jays fans have come out of the wood work to make the Rogers Centre the loudest place in Canada and not the dust bowl it usually is.

If David Price and the pitching can perform, the Blue Jays will win this series.  I also fully expect benches to clear in this series.  Does Vegas have a line on that yet?


I’ve got too many friends who are Mets fans and they all know every single pitch of Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS by heart.

I really like both of these teams and unfortunately I can’t just abstain my pick.  The Mets intrigue me because of their pitching and the man, the myth, the legend Yoenis Cespedes (still can’t believe the Sox traded him for damn Porcello), but I have to go with the Cubs.  A lot of Red Sox guys over there with Theo, Lester, and David Ross plus the whole curse thing makes me really want to root for the Cubbies, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Bring back Bartman!


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