Dallas Game

Interesting Sunday for the Patriots in the Big D.  Aside from the game, the biggest storyline coming from this week was obviously the return of Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy.

greg hardy

I’ll say this as bluntly as possible.  I hate Greg Hardy.  Never even met the man and he seems like the worst person on the face of the earth.  Coming off a 3-game suspension for domestic violence, he decided to run his mouth all week on Tom Brady and Gisele and a whole host of other issues.  Are you kidding?  And then Jerry Jones comes to his aid and yada yada yada.  Disgusting.

As for the game…


It’s funny how the Patriots put up 30 points and held the Cowboys to a grand total of 0 touchdowns, yet a lot of Patriots fans walked away from their television sets (in my case radio) thinking it was too close of a game.

I was at a family BBQ on Sunday and ended up listening to the first half on the radio as I was mowing down chicken wings and Donna Bagarella’s famous tortellini salad.  Couldn’t really get a feel for the game, except that Hardy and the rest of the Dallas D-line was dominating Nate Solder and the Patriots front five.  Maybe the guys could’ve used a little help down at AT&T stadium…


Looking at that picture reminds me of just how phenomenally American AT&T Stadium is.  The place is massive and decked out with every luxury possible for players, coaches, fans, and employees.  I just remember sitting in one of the cushioned seats in a luxury box and wondering how the hell its even possible to have as much money some people have.  I digress.

Love the play from Dion Lewis who was fresh off signing a contract extension and the defense looked great holding Joseph Randle out of the end zone.


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