Bills Game (Round 1)

The Italian Mafia in Boston had a better chance in the days of Whitey Bulger than the Bills Mafia had against the New England Patriots this past Sunday (sorry for the Black Mass reference).  Rex Ryan talked the talk the whole week leading up to the game, but when it came to game time his players were incredibly undisciplined.  I mean seriously, three penalties on one play?  The trash talk and taunting penalties crushed the Bills.


Obviously Brady was the star of the game with 466 yards passing, 3 TDs, and no INTs, but seriously underestimated are the plays out of Julian Edelman who is starting to look a whole lot better than the 2007-2010 Wes Welker.

Also, love the fact that the Bills fans were out tailgating at the break of dawn on Sunday.  Gotta respect that.  The Bills are really all that city has.  Hopefully Eichel can give the Sabres a little boost and maybe fix the horrid, stenchfest that these memories bring up in Buffalo:

The Patriots defense looked a lot stronger this week with a couple sacks from Chandler Jones (yes, I wear a Chandler Jones jersey during Patriots games now) and Jamie Collins making some real clutch plays in the run stop game.  Dion Lewis (who Rex apparently isn’t familiar with) also looked like he’s solidified his spot as the Patriots running back, but we all know that can change with one red zone fumble and we’ll start to see more of this guy:


On to Jacksonville.


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