Banner Night and Big Ben’s Steelers

It’s been awhile, but with the NFL season kicking off last night, a full slate of college games this Saturday, the Red Sox selling tickets for the price of a can of Pepsi, and TD Garden season right around the corner its time to start flexing the blog muscles once again.

I can’t get enough of the story lines from last night’s Patriots game with my favorite being the complaints from Mike Tomlin and his headset.  Clearly, every franchise in the NFL has developed a critical paranoia issue.  Richard Nixon didn’t even have this level of paranoia and we all know how that turned out for Dick.  But, the headsets…

Instead of a steady stream of hearing Big Ben talk about pizza, French fries, and PF Changs over the headsets, Tomlin and the coaches were apparently getting intermittent interruptions from the 98.5 Sports Hub broadcast with the legendary Scott Zolak.  First we scare off Goodell, then the NFL screws up the headsets, and then Gronk just decimates the Steeler defense.  Gillette Stadium has turned into a House of Horrors for the NFL and every other franchise!

Steelers should’ve been honored to hear the voice of a former Patriots back-up quarterback.  Maybe in two week we’ll toss Rohan Davey or Brian Hoyer in the Jaguars’ headsets when they come to Foxboro.


But if the Pats want to keep up these winning ways the defense really needs to figure it out.  That last second touchdown from the Steelers was a bit of a downer and the fact that 75-year-old DeAngelo Williams ran all over the front seven is a little concerning.  Shows how much the D-Line misses the presence, both physically and mentally, of Big Vince.  Luckily, Josh Scobee just completely forgot how to nail 40-yard field goals.

A lot of good coming from the offense though (especially with how new the offensive line was) and everyone loves a good banner ceremony.  I could watch that GIF seven million times.

On to Buffalo.


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