Elementary, My Dear Goodell


Clearly, Patriots Nation has a stranglehold on the Boston sports scene, New England sports scene, and just the sports scene in general this summer.  DeflateGate has gotten out of control and is way past the point of deflation (lol that joke sucked, I’m sorry).

Sorry for the cheesy Sherlock Holmes quote in the title.  You know what the say, once you visit London you never really leave.  Anyway here’s my short take as we enter the seventh month of DeflateGate: It’s simple, simple science.

Scientific Method on Mike Bagarella’s DeflateGate Social Experiment

  1. The Patriots, because the New England media scene is so powerful, influential, obsessed etc. and because the Patriots win and win so often, have been put under a powerful microscope.  You know, like the ones we used back in high school science classes (this is a science experiment after all).
  2. This microscopic view of every single thing that happens in the Patriots organization showed a little oddity.  A slightly, but unintentionally, under-inflated football that “more probably than not”(Wells p. 204) had no influence on the outcome of the game during the AFC Championship.
  3. Other teams freak out about it and the NFL freaks out about it
  4. At the same time, no other team is put under this kind of microscope.
  5. Therefore, no one sees the small, finite, potentially rule-breaking details of the 31 other organizations.  And as the saying goes…”Out of sight, out of mind”

Thats objective science, folks.  If you want more bitterness on the whole fiasco go talk to Portnoy.


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