What’s Up With the Sox?

I’m sitting in my living room at 4:02pm on a Saturday afternoon as I watch Mike Napoli take a big old swing and miss to end the top of the eighth inning in a game where the Blue Jays are up 7-1 on the Sox.  Then at 4:07pm Sox relief pitcher Tommy Layne tosses a wild pitch at Joey Bautista’s feet.  Also, the Sox starter Joe Kelly walks a career high SEVEN guys in his horrid start.  Sox lose at 4:21pm.  Classic 2015 Red Sox and some awful baseball.

I hate Dan Shaughnessy just as much as the next Bostonian, but the man knows how to passively tear the Red Sox and Red Sox management to shreds.

I’ve made it to three games so far this season  and I think I’ve seen the Sox score about four runs.  To be honest, the best part of last Tuesday’s Cinco de Mayo game (besides the Carlton Fisk bobble head) was being 20 feet away from the silver stallion that is Dwight Evans.


I really believed this team would be back in the playoff hunt and find themselves in the one-game wild card come early October.  But then the rotation of mediocre starters can’t get it together (no surprises here) and the offensive production is lackluster (too many surprises here).   Juan Nieves is out as pitching coach and there are a frightening amount of empty seats at Fenway.  Anarchy on Yawkey Way.

Maybe it’s just a phase.  Watch the video.  We’ll get through this rough patch.


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