The Wells Report and Deflategate








You like those pictures? Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about this 243-page report.  Believe it or not, I’m actually not going to go full hometown fan mode here.  There are some things in that report that don’t make Tom Brady look all that great, especially centered around what happened on January 19th (the day after the Colts-Patriots AFC Championship game) and Brady’s interaction with the two equipment managers.


This is my take away from 243 pages of rhetoric:

The two equipment managers, Jim McNally and John Jastermski, are in charge of Tom Brady’s footballs and keeping them at the low pressure that Brady requests (around 12 PSI and the NFL legal minimum).  The Colts raised questions of this to the NFL regarding the inflation of the footballs PRIOR to the AFC Championship game and Goodell’s NFL DID NOT check the footballs before the game to make sure they were inflated to league standards.  The PSI then decreased during the game because of the beautiful January weather in New England and the inflation went below the legal PSI as the game went on.  Only then did the NFL jump in at say something and Brady panicked.

Smells like an NFL sting operation led by Mike Kensil to sabotage the league-wide hated New England Patriots.  In regard to punishment, I expect another typical NFL move.  Would they suspend Brady? No way.  The NFL needs one of their premier players on their big Thursday night season opener.

It’s all about looks for the NFL.  Brady will get hit with a fine (probably equal to a tenth of the loot he pulled at the Kentucky Derby) and the campaign for a 5th Super Bowl starts September 7th in Foxboro against the Pittsburgh Steelers right after the 4th Super Bowl banner gets raised at Gillette Stadium.


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