The Hiatus

I’m sorry to those of you that I have let down by taking this 79 day blogging hiatus.  It’s weird because I feel like people study abroad, travel, etc. and start blogs.  I did the exact opposite and just let this thing die.  I know Jon Taffer doesn’t embrace excuses, but here are a few reasons why Boston’s Bag of Donuts has been a fish out of water for the past three and half months:

Too Much Europe For People to Handle

You’re going here, you’re doing this, you’re doing that, you’re trying this, you’re meeting her, you’re meeting him, you’re meeting them, you’re taking Instagrams of this and frankly its all too much for other people to really care.  Yeah, you go abroad and come back with a whole inventory of stories, but people can only take so much before they just lose all interest in what you’re saying.

People don’t want to read blogs about me straight up nosediving into the floor at the club in Barcelona or my overly aggressive hangover at the Guinness Factory in Dublin the day after St. Patrick’s Day.  So that’s why their wasn’t a blog after every trip.


My Computer Blew Up

About a month into the semester my computer just straight up stopped working.  It was infuriatingly slow for a solid two weeks in February and then one night it just sent in its letter of resignation and shut off for good.  Londoners must love smashing their Apple products because it was near impossible to get an appointment at the Apple Store in Central London. Took three weeks to finally lock down a time and get the Macbook kicking again.  Hard-drive crashed thanks to “a rare self-inflicted virus” according to the Apple technician.  I plead not guilty to all charges.

No computer = no blog posts


Kind of a lame excuse, but I really see why adults don’t have blogs (or if they do have blogs they don’t have jobs).  Waking up at the crack of dawn, hitting Starbucks, traveling half an hour on the Tube (aka the subway), working 8:45am-6pm, getting back home at 7pm, cooking dinner, then going out for the night.  No time to write 400 word essays.  It ain’t easy making money.


Nothing New

The world of media, blogging, news reporting is always changing.  People want new material and new ways of getting that content.  I’ve been doing pretty much the same blog posts with the same stupid GIFS of rappers throwing money in the air for months now and it was time for a break.

BUT, watch out because…….



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