Mid-February Update

Well, now that the ecstasy of the Patriots winning the Super Bowl has worn off and the snow has set in and I’m still over three thousands miles away from Boston, I might as well just give a little variety pack of an update.


Damn the strong British economy, because if this place weren’t so absurdly expensive I’d probably spend a year or two or five here.  I have a million things to say about London, but you have other websites to look at so I’ll make it quick.


  1. Getting around the city via public transportation is frighteningly better than Boston.  Especially at the moment with all that snow back home.  God save the MBTA.  And yes I do have a strange fascination with city public transportation.
  2. There is an endless amount of tourist things to do in London and in places around England.
  3. Grocery shopping sucks because everything expires like 2 days after you buy it, there’s no Kraft Mac and Cheese, and beer isn’t sold in anything more than 12 packs.  Need more America in this department.
  4. Security at clubs is…I think the right word would be “lockdown.”  No more comments on this because I don’t need the British police taking me to the station for questioning.
  5. The weather is eh, but ya’ll knew that already.


More to come on London and Europe in future posts.

Go Celts

The only news I have on this front is that the Celtics apparently now have Tayshaun Prince? And they beat the Hawks the other night! Classic Celtics refusing to just dump the season because they still have a chance to grab that 7 or 8 seed in the East.


So it seems like the B’s are having a little bit of a tough year to say the least.  Unfortunately, I’ve been a horrible fan this season so I can’t really give you a full analysis here.  It’s tough when you have to stream games on illegal websites on shaky Wi-Fi at 2am when it should be bed time.

Brian Williams and Jon Stewart

Weird couple of days for journalism.  We have one guy, Brian Williams, getting suspended for lying about being in a helicopter shoot down in Iraq which, in my mind, is one absurdly stupid lie.  I’m preaching to the choir, but you HAVE to just give the audience the truth.  It’s literally rule #1 of journalism.  Spell everything right is a close second though.

And to make matter worse this apology came off, at least to me, as arrogant and somewhat pompous.  Williams ends up suspended for 6 months.

And on the flip side we have Jon Stewart retiring from The Daily Show.  That one stings a bit.  Started watching the show fairly regularly about three or four years ago and I’ve been a fan since.  Great political humor.  Really hoping Jon stays in the media in some shape or form.



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