I had given up hope.  I had just watched a re-enactment of the David Tyree play with Jermaine Kearse as the protagonist and Malcolm Butler playing the role of Rodney Harrison.  I was about ready to throw up and walk away.

Marshawn Lynch, one of the most complex and infuriating players in the NFL runs for 4 yards on the next play and brings Seattle to the 1-yard line.  Bill doesn’t call the time-out and the clock runs and runs and runs.  In my mind I already see Lynch running it straight at Vince Wilfork for the touchdown on the next play.  I’m in full: “Hey Mike, don’t do or say anything regrettably stupid after this play” mode.  But then…

Eleven years of pain, disgust, disappointment, finger-pointing, FU mode erased in one unimaginable play.  Thank you, Malcolm Butler.

Tom Brady: completed 37 of 50 for 328 yard and four touchdowns.  More importanly, 8 for 8 and a TD to Julian Edelman on the last drive.

Speaking of Edelman.  That is one tough dude.  His play is a bit overshadowed by Brady’s MVP performance and Butler’s pick, but the Patriots don’t win that game without a few big-time catches from Edelman.  Also, this post game comment from Edelman is GOLD

Brandon LaFell, Rob Gronkowski, and Danny “I Finally Earned My Contract” Amendola all caught a touchdown each.  It was vintage Brady and the style of play that has come to define this roller coaster of a season for the 4-time Super Bowl Champ.


Watching from a London bar in the middle of the night was quite the experience.  Literally had no concept of time during the game and 2am felt a whole lot like 8pm.  However, seeing that game was worth every bit of staying up until 4:30 in the morning on a Sunday.

For the fourth time since 2002 the Patriots are Super Bowl Champs.


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