Super Bowl Preview

The Patriots cheated.  They inflated their 12 footballs to the minimum legal level knowing that the PSI would drop because of the cold and rainy conditions.  You caught them.  Good job.

As a reward you get to watch a Colts-Seahawks play in the Super Bowl this Sunday.  Oh you think that game would suck?  You’re right.  It would suck.  So, a message to every one out there: Stop pretending this game isn’t the Super Bowl match-up you wanted to see.

The Patriots, after two years of crushing losses in the AFC Championship games, are back in the Super Bowl.  This game is going to come down to one thing for the Pats.  Can they stop Marshawn Lynch?  The Patriots have been torched by running backs this season.  Chris Ivory, Jamaal Charles, and even Justin Forsett in the AFC Divisional round.  Lynch is terrifying and his press conferences this past week just add to that image.

Also, congrats to Skittles on being PR geniuses.  You’re an inspiration to confused PR students like myself.

“You don’t feel in beast mode………………………….It feels you”

So, I’m just gonna continue writing so I won’t get fined.

Ok, bad joke, bad couple paragraphs.  My fault.


Back to the sports.  Ninkovich, Jamie Collins, and Big Vince all need to step up and stop the run because let’s be honest, I can’t foresee Russell Wilson tossing up a 300+ yard game throwing to the likes of Doug Baldwin covered by Darrelle Revis.

Offensively, the Patriots got lucky because this Seattle defense isn’t nearly as good as last years unit.  Gronkowski just needs to be careful around Sherman because he’s the kind of guy that refuses to be beat even if that means hitting low and going for that ACL/MCL/season-ending/career-ending injury region.

I’m thinking this game will be close and fun to watch even with the 11:30pm kickoff for me here in London.

Lastly, the reason why I’m not an objective journalist: My fragile psyche can’t handle a third Super Bowl loss.  Go Pats.



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