AFC Championship Match-Up

Barely getting this blog post in here as I am currently live streaming the 4th quarter of a very sloppy (and frankly unenjoyable) Packer-Seahawk game from a dorm room across the street from Hyde Park in London.

London sights, sounds, activities, stories, compliments and complaints will come at a later hour.  Right now it’s all about the Patriots.

Watched last Saturday’s Ravens-Pats game from this bad boy at Logan airport:


What a game!  Unfortunately, the next night I hit the sack before the end of the Colts-Broncos game.  I fell asleep pretty much assuming that the Broncos and Manning would be taking on the Patriots at Foxboro, but I woke up the next morning to a pleasant, but perplexing surprise.  The Colts?

When I think of the Patriots game at Indy this past season one thought comes to mind and its this guy:


And this play:


It was an embarrassment for the Colts.  It was Sherman’s March for the Union Patriots against the Indianapolis Confederacy (just a quick Civil War reference).

Everyone is expecting the same from this game, and jumping for joy that the Patriots are playing the Colts and not Denver.  Well, here’s this.  Remember the Giants from 2007-08 and the 2010-11 Jets?   Regular season victims, post season victors.


Yeah those hurt, right?  Let’s not anticipate a soft game from these Colts.  Final score prediction: Colts 21 Patriots 28


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