Pats-Ravens Divisional Match-up

Round four.  New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens.  Loser goes home.  This is starting to become a real rivalry and I love it.

I was secretly pulling for the Steelers Saturday night because I wanted Cincinnati or Indianapolis to come to Foxboro the following week.  The Pats have already proven they can straight up crush both of those teams in what would’ve been the typical divisional round match-up for the Pats. A crap team that probably shouldn’t even be in the playoffs.  Examples:

2011 Denver Broncos


2012 Houston Texans


2013 Indianapolis Colts


This years match-up against the Ravens is a little more intriguing.  As Bill Simmons said on his podcast, the Ravens actually believe they can win this game.  Other teams going into Foxboro knowing that its a long shot for them to leave with a victory.

2014 Ravens

Flacco and the boys have won in Foxboro in a playoff setting before, so they have the utmost confidence in their ability to win this game.  That scares me a little even though this Ravens team is significantly worse and this Patriots team is significantly better than years past.

Ravens hold the offense in check and this becomes a really “grind it out” type of game.  Thankfully the Patriots have about 45 running backs they can hand the ball to so that means fresh legs.  Final score prediction: Ravens 20 Patriots: 26

I will be spending most of this game watching at Logan Airport, so they better have their TVs set in Terminal E.


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