Wild Card Weekend Picks

I said it last year.  Crazy things happen on Wild Card weekend and last year was no exception (just ask any Chiefs fan).


Some soft games this year, so let’s get some picks and a little bit of analysis up and running.

Arizona at Carolina (Sat. 4:35PM)

The first game of these NFL playoffs is a confusing one.  A team that doesn’t have a quarterback playing a team with an under-500 record. So, uh…


Everyone is jumping on the Carolina bandwagon here, but I’m not.  The thing about Arizona is that they have been finding ways to win games with these miserable quarterbacks.  I also love Bruce Arians and his command over that team.  I’m taking the Cardinals in a close and low-scoring game.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (Sat. 8:15PM)

I think this is the most intriguing match-up of Wild Card weekend.  These two teams genuinely hate each other and I’m starting to think that this is the best rivalry in the NFL.  Terrell Suggs is bound to do something stupid in this game, too.


In the past I’ve been afraid of Baltimore in the playoffs, but I just don’t like the team they have this year.  They’ve had a bit of a media circus since the Ray Rice fiasco earlier this season and no one has really stepped up as the defensive leader of that team (no, not you Suggs, you suck).  Also, Joe Flacco is, along with Eli Manning and Alex Smith, the definition of an average quarterback.  Just no consistency from the Ravens so I’m taking the Steelers.

Cincinnati at Indianapolis (Sun. 1:05PM)

Not going to lie, I had a tough time spelling the names of both those cities.  Indy has a horrible running game and Cincy just has no playoff presence whatsoever (see what I did there, abbreviating both cities, taking the shortcut, being horribly lazy).

I’ll take the Bengals.  Ok, I’m done talking about this game.

Detroit at Dallas (Sun. 4:40)

This is a good opportunity to address this because I’m not going to do another commissioner-bashing post.  This Ndamukang Suh situation is unbelievable.  Make up your damn mind, Roger! Don’t put this “won an appeal” dootie in my face.


Matt Stafford has lost every road game against winning teams in his career.  That is sneakily the most defining stat ever.  No way the Lions win this game.  The Cowboys Super Bowl dream lives on!



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