Regular Season Wrap-Up

Don’t care about the Patriots-Bills game one bit.  Probably the most boring Patriots game I’ve ever watched.  Let’s talk about the regular season and take a look back at my projected division winners from the beginning of the season.


Here’s what I said on August 28th.  Three out of four ain’t bad!

The Pats were an obvious pick, so that’s an easy one.  In a really tough AFC North the Steelers pulled out the division last night with their win over the Bengals.  The AFC West was a bit of a roller coaster this year, but the Broncos held a pretty strong advantage for the whole the season.

I missed on the AFC South, but not by much.  Houston could have easily won that division if they had a damn QB.  The Colts are the softest playoff team I’ve seen in a long time and JJ Watt is my MVP runner-up.  Houston just had way too many problems at quarterback.  Trading for Ryan Mallett then he gets hurt.  Fitzpatrick signs up.  He gets hurt.  Case Keenum comes back.  It was all just a big mess.  You know which team doesn’t have a quarterback problem? Here’s a hint:



On that note…let’s switch leagues.


Here’s what I said on August 31st.  My reaction to that blog post:


Some ugly picks by me here.  Eagles had a chance, but then Mark Sanchez came along.  Detroit had a chance last night against Green Bay, but unfortunately couldn’t pull it out.  The 49ers just plain blew it.

I guess my pick was right in the NFC South with the Panthers, but that division is an absolute joke.

So all in all I did a decent job and am clearly an AFC guy.  That being said, I won’t be getting a job at ESPN or Grantland any time soon.  Wild Card picks coming later this week.


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