The Jets Game (Round 2)

These Jets-Pats games are always way too close and it’s because Rex Ryan has Tom Brady figured out.  Rex needs to go back to being a defensive coordinator.  Frankly, it is where he belongs and I can see him getting a lot of job offers.


I said before this game that the Patriots would beat the Jets 41-10.  Holy hell was I wrong.  Thankfully, the Pats could pull it out, but the real Christmas gift came last night in the Bengals-Broncos game.  Peyton Manning with 4 picks!!! I love it.

Pats sealed home field with that.  The road to Glendale goes through Gillette Stadium.

Kind of a throwaway game next week against the Bills.

Gronk will probably play a half.  We’ll see Jimmy the Kid at some point.  Hopefully they get most of the guys rested for the playoffs and get some reserve guys first-team looks to prepare them for the real season.




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