The Dolphins Game (Round 2)

I’ve gotten into a funk here were my only posts are these recaps (if you even want to call them that) of Patriots games every Tuesday.  I promise better content is coming in the future.  Stay tuned.

For now though…The Patriots and the Dolphins.  A few weeks ago I pictured this Dolphins team in the playoffs, but after the absolute resurgence of the entire AFC North it looks like poor Joe Philbin and the Dolphins will be left out of the playoffs yet again.


Patriots are AFC East Champs yet again.  It’s actually kind of sad when, as a fan, you can’t get excited about something like this.  If the Sox won the AL East next year? I’d be pumped.

Patriots got the Jets coming up next week.  I think it’ll be a blowout (45-10 Patriots), but you won’t see the usual guys making contributions. I could see a Brandon Bolden touchdown or two in here.  A couple targets for the Hoo-man and a few other lesser known receivers.  Playing time for a variety of new defensive guys.

The Pats need to be deep in the playoffs.  Too many years in a row they’ve been screwed over by key injuries in playoff games (Talib last year in Denver, Ridley two years ago against Baltimore, Welker in final game against Houston a few years back, Gronk every year, etc.)


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