The Chargers Game

In honor of Chargers week I have to start the post with this gem of a video.  Get’s me every time.

I watched the first half of Sunday night’s game at Sunset Cantina on Commonwealth Avenue.  For those of you who aren’t a part of the BU faithful, Sunset is for the fattest of fat kids.  Nachos redefine the nacho game.  No exaggerations.  Look at these things:


As for the match, I don’t get how the Patriots were losing for over a half of that game. There was a long period of time during that game where I really though the Pats were actually going to lose to San Diego and fall behind Denver in the lead for the AFC.

Two big plays define the Chargers game for me.





The Patriots aren’t just beating teams.  The Pats are starting to play with a swagger.  Especially the defense.  All great defenses in the past had swagger (’85 Bears, ’00 Ravens, ’13 Seahawks).

Time to take out the three crummy AFC East times and move into the playoffs.  Bills scare me a bit though, no lie.


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