The Green Bay Game

I’m terribly sorry.  I have failed you all.  This post is a few days late, but its still good.  As I predicted, the Pats took a tough loss against the Packers in what was one of the better Patriots games thus far this season.  But, as Joel Embiid proved this week, losing isn’t always so bad (ya, I know it was after a 76ers win, but they still suck).


Alright, enough with that.  I said it a couple days after the game in Green Bay.  I wish they could play that Pats-Packers game in a neutral location because that would be one helluva football game.  The good news? That could happen February 1st in Arizona.  The bad news? I think Aaron Rodgers might have just stole the MVP trophy from Tom Brady.

But, the Pats have Gronk.  Hey Embiid.  DANCE OFF!

This might come as a little bit of a surprise to you all.  I’m taking the Chargers next week.  I don’t like the Pats hanging out with Bieber one little bit.  That kid is a cancer.

Chargers 28 Patriots 20


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