LeBron Comes to Boston and I Wasn’t Going to Miss It

This post needed to be written last Friday, but I waited until today.  I will get to the reason later.  Last Friday I saw probably the best basketball player of my generation.  LeBron James is an absolute monster.  Here are a few takeaways from last Friday’s Cavaliers-Celtics game I attended.

  • First off, our seats were in the last row of the Garden.  Just a big, black, cold wall behind us.  That’s what $40 will get you nowadays apparently.  Here’s the view to put everything in perspective.


  • NEVER take a cab to a 7:30pm game on a Friday.  We thought this would be better than taking the Green Line because the Green Line is atrocious.  We were wrong.  The cab ran us $26, the traffic was horrendous, and the cabbie was even more horrendous because the traffic was so horrendous.  Nice guy, but I swear he acted like a nine-year-old girl every time we hit more traffic.  Because it took so long we missed introductions and didn’t get to see LeBron’s little powder routine.
  • First, the Celtics.  The Celts look like an eight-seed in the East.  I swear by it.  They get a lot of buckets, but they REALLY struggle on the defensive end.  Kelly Olynyk had a fake shot, fake pass, Euro-step to the hoop.  It was easily my favorite play of the night.
  • As for the Cavaliers.  They are a group of really talented players that just don’t seem to fit together.  Kevin Love looks like he got peer pressured into playing in Cleveland.  Kyrie Irving  doesn’t know how to play with a superstar like LeBron.  Mike Miller just likes hanging out with LeBron and shooting three-pointers. And LeBron? Well…
  • Every basketball fan needs to see LeBron play in person. My God was it a spectacle.  The guy plays at a faster pace and with a more defined purpose than anyone else on the court.  He just looks dangerous on the break.  DANGEROUS.  Like to the point where I’d take Ray Lewis in full pads coming at me over LeBron (don’t set that one in stone though).  In the second quarter LeBron steals a crappy Olynyk pass and slams a one-handed cock-back dunk.  I officially became a basketball fan after watching that.
  • Now, why did I wait until today to write this?  Firstly, because I had a ton of school work for classes, but you don’t care about that.  More importantly, I went to the Suns-Celts game this past Monday and was for the most part disappointed.  Without a player like LeBron on the court the game just looks like its going at a slower pace.  There aren’t any “I can’t go to the bathroom now because LeBron might doing something outrageous” thoughts going through your mind.  There isn’t a full stadium booing as LeBron complains about a foul.  It was just the Phoenix Suns beating the Celtics and Rondo coming one assist away from a triple-double (this sentence will absolutely define the Celtics season this year).

So, for all you who missed round one.  Sunday April 12th.  Cavs coming back to Boston.  Don’t make any plans for that day.

Side note: I got a Dunkin Donuts coffee during halftime and it was the best decision I’ve made.  Ever.



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