The Colts Game

So this is it.  Everyone is riding high on the Patriots and for good reason because they just beat the two best teams in the AFC and probably the two best teams in the NFL these past two weeks.  But, as a devil’s advocate, do these two games win the Patriots a Super Bowl?  No.  That happens on the first day of February next year and, remember, it is still November.  NOVEMBER.

The Pats beat the Broncos last November in the best game of the year, but then got demolished at Mile High because they couldn’t secure home field advantage after their Week 16 loss against an abysmal Dolphins team.

NFL: AFC Championship-New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

That can’t happen this year.

Jonas Gray is obviously emerging as a great running back, but the Pats need that on a consistent basis.  LeGarrette Blount torched the Colts in the playoffs last year and then just did not show up in the AFC Championship game.  The comparison between Gray and Blount here is glaringly obvious.

I hate the negativity of this post, but it is necessary.

It is Super Bowl or bust for these Patriots.  They won at Lucas Oil Stadium tonight in the first time they visited “The Drum” since the February 2012 Super Bowl loss.  Now it’s time they pay a visit to Arizona and avenge the February 2008 loss.


Next week the Pats face a good Lions team, but a team thats still young and under-coached.  Many of the guys on the Lions have no experience playing in Foxboro in the cold.  Boy are they in for a rude awakening.  I’m taking the Pats big next week in a 45-16 rout of Detroit.


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