The Broncos Game

Tom Brady was voted the half-season MVP after his dismantling of the Broncos defense.  I’ve said it before, but last Sunday the Pats looked like a Super Bowl team.  Brady distributing the ball the way he was and the defense keeping Manning out of the end zone.  Man it was gorgeous.

This was easily my favorite play of the game:

Oh, you want to put a linebacker out on Gronk?  Clearly Jack Del Rio didn’t see his unbelievable one-handed catch in traffic just one play prior.   To be honest, Brady giving that nod was enough to capture my heart.  If the Pats can keep making plays like that there is no doubt in my mind that they can coast to the Super Bowl and beat an NFC team that’ll be far worse than the Seahawks last year.

And how bout Edelman taking that bad boy punt to the house? You have to be excited about what the Pats are doing, but enough with these overreactions.  Just as Tom said after the game, 7 wins never won anybody a Super Bowl.

Bye week for the Pats coming up so, let’s turn to politics.  Vote Charlie Baker for Governor!


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