Mayor Menino: The Champion of Boston

When I hear the word “mayor” the first thing I think of is Tom Menino.  It is an instinctual reaction that will remain with me for a long, long time and maybe even my entire life because, aside from the past year or so, Tom Menino has been the mayor of Boston for my entire life (1993-2013).

You knew the situation was not good when the announcement came out last week.  Mayor Menino, Boston’s longest standing mayor, was ending his cancer treatments to spend his remaining moments with his family.  I don’t think anyone expected he would pass away in only a weeks time.


Sorry David Ortiz, but you couldn’t find a more lovable man in Massachusetts than Mayor Meninno.  He led Boston when it was at its pinnacle in the 90’s and when we were winning sports championships year in and year out in the 2000’s.  Even with his declining health, he fearlessly led Boston when the city encountered its most traumatizing experience in April of 2013 during the Marathon Bombings and the ensuing manhunt through the streets of Watertown.

It’s tough to say that there is a fitting time for someone’s death, but it seems today, October 30th 2014, is an appropriate day.  It is the one-year anniversary of the 2013 Red Sox World Championship.  It would be the last of many championships that Menino would be an integral part of as he graciously opened the city to sports fans for all ages and races.  It was a tribute to the perseverance of Bostonians after the Marathon Bombings.  It was the ultimate Boston moment.

Menino led a wonderful life and I’ll surely miss he’s humorous quotes.  My only regret was that I never got to meet the great man that built the Boston I know today.  Rest in peace Mayor Tom Menino.


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