Go Celts

Last night the NBA season tipped off and Anthony Davis showed us that he is the real deal (bare in mind he was playing the Magic). Unlike past years, I’m actually pretty pumped for this season.  It’s no secret that the NBA is the fastest growing sports league in America and possibly even the world.  They just know how to reach our generation.  Effective use of social media, TV personalities that walk the line between humor and controversy, Bill Simmons’ and Zach Lowe’s Grantland articles.  The NBA just gets it.  By far the most complete league right now.


As for the hometown Celtics.  Their season gets started tonight against the Brooklyn Nets.  My prediction holds steady this year and I’m saying the C’s end the season with an ugly 21 wins (21-61 overall).  Other predictions for the Celts season:

  • Rondo will NOT be traded.  I just can’t see Danny Ainge pulling the trigger on that one.  Should make free agency next year quite interesting.
  • Marcus Smart will be the starting point guard by the end of the season even though he will shoot something like 22% from 3-point-land and get ejected from 2 or 3 games a month.
  • TD Garden has the lowest attendance in the past 10 years.  It was bad last year.  It will get worse.
  • Halftime Pizza will sell more slices of Buffalo Chicken pizza than any place in Boston (I’m telling you, it is a fantastic slice of pizza).
  • Kelly Olynyk will be the best player on the Celtics.  He’s played well so far this pre-season and I hear he loves the Canes Chicken by BU.
  • I will overpay for Celtics vs. Mavericks tickets in hopes to see Mark Cuban, but I’ll be let down because there is no way in hell Cubes makes a trip to Boston.
  • Despite some strange, toothless, anonymous reports, Wyc Grousbeck will not sell the team.  Not really a bold prediction or anything, but just a plug for my experience on Monday.  Grousbeck came to BU to talk and man was this dude hard-nosed.  Made some great points, but he is definitely no pushover. I guess its easy to control a conversation when you know you have more $$$ than anyone in the room.
  • LeBron will drop 55 points on the Celtics on November 14th.  He remembers the last time he wore a Cavaliers jersey.  TD Garden in the 2010 playoffs.  It’s the next step in LeBron’s retribution in the city of Cleveland: Embarrass the Celtics.
  • Celtics will give Paul Pierce another tribute video when he comes back with the Wizards.
  • Celtics will trade for Kevin Garnett mid-season so he can retire here in Boston and this will become the highlight of the season.

Go Celts.



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