The Chicago Game

I caught the first quarter of the game before I had to head off to work.  Clearly thats all I needed to see because this thing got ugly.  I could not have been more wrong in my prediction.  These Bears are not scary.  These bears are. 

This was a classic ’07 Pats style game.  A blowout win with the back up quarter back in at the end of the game during garbage time.  However, that clearly wasn’t garbage time for the Bears because they had guys ripping out their ACLs.

Tom Brady with 5 TD passes and 5 incompletions.   That’s unreal.  Tom is still elite and I think it’s hilarious that Trent Dilfer and Steve Young were saying Tom’s career was done.  THOSE DUDES GET PAID!! REAL CASH MONEY! So much for professionals.  How am I supposed to believe one word of “analysis” that comes out of Trent Dilfer’s mouth now?


But, lets be honest.  It’s the Bears.  Yeah, obviously they don’t have locker room leadership like the Pats.  Next week is when season gets real.  Manning vs. Brady.  Say no more.  Is anyone around to cover my work shift so I can watch the game?


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